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An exceptionally large penis that can release seminal fluid many feet. 9 inches AT LEAST.
Slut1: How big is your boyfriend
Slut2: Like 10 inches
Slut1: what's that like?
Slut2: A water bottle in your coolie.
by TommyTubervillelicksmyballs September 14, 2007
69 29
A bottle of water filled with vodka usually at teen dances or socials.
Jim: Yo Frankie you bringing the water bottles?
Frankie: Yeah G I'm loading up.
by Mr. Pizzle April 21, 2009
40 20
to throw a water bottle at a bitch
Dave: What did you do yesterday?
Brittney: I water bottled that bitch Tanya.
by dveltmands June 21, 2010
17 9
A container holding a delicious, orgasmic drink.
In my waterbottle is peach ice tea.
by Cheyanne&Sam July 11, 2011
8 2
An object for men to insert penises or dildo to store excess fluid
Sluts vagina have several water bottle
by Koloshnokov Baby July 21, 2009
10 9
When one takes a piss in the water tank of a toilet making the toilet flush yellow the next few flushes. Usually done with a "top shelf".
Hey, my buddy Jeff bought a new house the other day, so for a house warming gift, I gave him a water bottle!
by Seawall September 23, 2006
29 28
A hot, cute, or gorgeous guy.
"Look over there, its a water bottle."

"Damn, there's no water bottles here."
by thisislegit94 August 12, 2011
12 13