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A way of life, whereby an individual, or as some may put it a wasteman wastes his life by constantly being late, says things and does not carry them out, dropping out of school as well as being un-coordinated which affects his/her running ability.
One day jonathan kelman received a call from his friends danny and dino. They asked him whether he wanted to go to the cinema to watch notorious. He replied yes. As the friends arrived at the cinema, at 11:30 pm they called kelman and asked where he was. He replied he was out at dinner with his dad: an example of someone who belongs to the life of wastism.
by danamit May 21, 2009
5 1
The state or condition of being "wasteful"

Pronunciation: wāst-izm

Function: noun
Mary: "John, you never recycle, that's wastism."

The fact you use plastic bags is wastism.
by youngpretender May 10, 2009
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