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A wastewoman is an exceptionally lazy girl, who is so lazy and reluctant to do anything in their lives that they normally end up being dirty little hoes.
Terry says " Michael is a wastewoman"
Grace says " I aint no Watewoman I have an A-level"
by Temike Petcomb June 20, 2006

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See Wasteman

Female version.

A woman who is somewhat of a "waste of space" or a "waste of oxygen. Someone that the world could do without.
I wouldnt buy tickets off Miranda bro, shes a complete wastewoman
by DrSpace June 15, 2011
Wastewomen -

A women who is always nagging and complaning about minor / trivial issues.
Lady sends an email titled "snagging List" to a building firm

All the items on there are petty.

Employee says to his colleague :-

"marieke has sent another email"

"What now...That Wastewomen".
by Mr Lingo Malingo April 30, 2011
just like the wasteman, but once a friend, a FAKE one.
dont trust them, as far asw you csan throw them.
they will you that you follow people like sheep. :)
Look at jade... shes a realllll wastewomen with that waste boii (joe)
by sheep! August 11, 2008