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Someone who is in a perpetual state of drunkenness


someone that drinks profusely
Michele is a total waste case.
by Taylor April 10, 2005
Someone who is a 'waste,' or achieves nothing and accomplishes nothing. He or she lacks drive, and makes little effort to do anything useful.
1. It's 3 pm and she still has not gotten out of bed, she is such a waste case.

2. He spent all weekend drinking, skipped his classes on Monday, and isn't going to his exam. He is a total waste case.
by starld17 December 16, 2010
A person who is habitually drunk, to the point that they are incoherent.
Dwayne is such a wastecase! He's been retarded this whole week.
by The bluntfillaroachkilla May 06, 2010