Intended as a derogatory term; in the past it was an acronym for White Anglo Saxon Protestant, and sometimes White Affluent Schooled Person. The term referred to a group that was believed to wield disproportionate social and media influence and power.

The new WASP of today is actually White American Straight and has a Penis, as this audience is typically the default normative of most social and media presentations in America today, with all other groups being labeled as abnormal deviations.

Rarely does anyone bother to expressly state that something is created by, for, or composed of "red-blooded American Caucasian males" or "typical American White Guys" because such is the naturally assumed default. However, if the creation deviates from this it will most likely be labeled as such. If something is created by, for, or composed of blacks, foreigners, gays, or females it will almost always be noted because it is a deviation and not the assumed social / media default.
This show is so WASP-y, the entire cast is just straight, white, American guys with only the occasional token foreigner, black person, or gay; and all the female characters only exist to be cheerleaders or love interests. Clearly this show was created by WASP-s for WASP-s!
by Gill Malankhoney February 18, 2012
A freakishly tall and extremely thin individual who is so tall and thin that it comes off as annoying much like the wasp which stings you.

It is commonly used as an insult for people who think they are big and strong.

thin poser annoying dick
Cool dude 1 "Check out that thin dude flexing in the mirror"
Cool dude 2 " Yeah he is such a wasp."
by curley-haired-dude September 03, 2011
A bee that stings like crazy, comes out in august and september. Real agressive
Raid wouldnt do it, I had to use a bee bomb to kill the fuckin wasps
by Snakes on Plane September 17, 2006
pointless wankers with no purpose in life but to annoy people, much like humans.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
1) abbv. - White Anglo Saxon Protestant

2) abbv. - Washington State Patrol.
1) The Pewterschmidts on family guy are Wasps.
2) I got nailed going 10 over on I5 by a Wasp.
by kosheje May 13, 2006
A person who is affulent and exudes class and clean cut-ness, if that means being preppy and belonging to yacht and country clubs than so be it.
Charlotte York is a WASP (before she converted)
by Carolyne July 08, 2006
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

But nowadays we can leave the P off because it doesn't always apply. Catholics are becoming WASPy as hell because they have climbed up the socioeconomic ladder. Fairfield County is known for being WASPy yet most of the population is Catholic.
St. Francis Catholic church is the WASPiest church on earth.
by Willerr June 10, 2007

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