World Association of Secret Paradigms.

The expression "speak WASP?" comes from the TV show "Private Practice", where the main character, Addison would explain how her parents would never directly talk about important matters and would use a secret language instead.
*Sam and Addison are on the balcony watching Addison's parents talk about geraniums and drink martinis. Sam says it seems tense, but they look happy and are chatting about flowers*

Addison: "Trust me, they are not chatting about flowers. They are speaking WASP. We learn it at an early age."
by The Escape Artist November 25, 2010
pointless wankers with no purpose in life but to annoy people, much like humans.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
A bee that stings like crazy, comes out in august and september. Real agressive
Raid wouldnt do it, I had to use a bee bomb to kill the fuckin wasps
by Snakes on Plane September 17, 2006
1) abbv. - White Anglo Saxon Protestant

2) abbv. - Washington State Patrol.
1) The Pewterschmidts on family guy are Wasps.
2) I got nailed going 10 over on I5 by a Wasp.
by kosheje May 13, 2006
A person who is affulent and exudes class and clean cut-ness, if that means being preppy and belonging to yacht and country clubs than so be it.
Charlotte York is a WASP (before she converted)
by Carolyne July 08, 2006
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

But nowadays we can leave the P off because it doesn't always apply. Catholics are becoming WASPy as hell because they have climbed up the socioeconomic ladder. Fairfield County is known for being WASPy yet most of the population is Catholic.
St. Francis Catholic church is the WASPiest church on earth.
by Willerr June 10, 2007
Anacronymal abbreviation of "Wealthy, Anglo-Saxon Protestant", used to describe rich, conservative (but often liberal) Anglo-Germanic descendants in the United States. Has origins in the Newport Gilded Age of the early 20th century, but has expanded as a description of such persons throughout the U.S.

The most striking example of WASP habitat are the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, where solidly affluent communities border small, devastated and ghetto-ridden cities.

Sometimes understood to be "White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant" but also considered redundant.
The WASP, Allison Banks, was raised in Kenilworth, IL, is attending Sarah Lawrence College, and, at age 21, has a fully intact hymen.

Hester Bessleston is a WASP and enjoys flying his vintage Beechcraft from his estate in Westport, CT to his identical one 60 miles away, in East Hampton, NY.
by BurkeDennings August 14, 2005

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