a nickname for marijuana.
Johnny: "Can I get some wasabi with that?"
Janice: "Ew wasabi is too spicy!"
Johnny: "No wasabi that makes you high as fuck!"
by jj155607 June 02, 2009
Wasabi means to give oral sex to an asain male.

The link between the two is that wasabi is a common spice used much in Asain countries and for many others a very unpleasurable, unbearable taste...much like an Asain male's penis. *Use with extreme caution. This word implies that you have a small and unpleasurable penis. Use around friends.*
"Hey Beth, wasabi."

"-What did you and Tyler do last night.
-Oh, I wasabied.
-Was it really that bad?"
by BusRideHumor July 09, 2011
1. Horse Radish Paste

2. Experession of greeting or excitement.
by Richard [Zeratual] November 29, 2002
Culinary equivalent of horseraddish, an explosively spicy Japanese condiment.
It's also the cure for infection by the Medusoid Mycellium (deadly mushrooms), didn't you know? You can find a plethora of the Mycellium in the Gorgonian Grotto (aka the Grim Grotto) if you're like Count Olaf, hoping to use them as a volitile weapon to attempt to conquer all that is good and noble. Beware, they wax and wane by the hour.
Count Olaf: Hahaha you orphan brats, I've poisoned your stupid chef-baby with the Medusoid Mycellium! Now it will die and I will soon get my icky poo poo hands on the Baudelaire fortune!!! (exeunt)

Klaus and Violet: We have no horseraddish to save Sunny! Oh no!

Sunny: *coff* *cofff* Wasabi *coff*
Klaus and Violet: Of course! Wasabi!
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008
anything. and everything.
That party was so wasbian.
You look in a very wasabi mood today.
Let's go out and wasabi tonight!
by Pickled Feet October 25, 2007

A word transformed into slag terms from a japanese sauce
Spencer: Was-up-b?
marcelo: Chillaxin g!
by mike hunt November 06, 2003
(wa-sa-BEEEEE) greeting to a stranger to show you think they're hot, without having to say "i think you are hot."
alternative to wassup
(wa-SA-be) greeting to a friend who's looking hot.
out at a bar with friends: "Wasabi, girl/boy"
getting ready to go out: "wasabi, girlfriend"
by sabine95 December 04, 2005

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