the rarest yummiest candy you can never find..
Tommy loves warheads but cant find em anywhere. Fuck you bro i want that warhead
by ya boy swagg November 17, 2010
A psychedelic mushroom that hasen't popped open and released it's spores yet.
Hey, I just got this warhead out of the cow field, see how the stem ring is still attached to the mushroom cap?
by eternalmicrobe February 25, 2012
The act of recieving head in the middle of a war/battle. It usually causes chibble nibble.
Soldier 1: Dude, why were you in the barracks so long?
Soldier 2: Chill man, I was gettin' some war head.
Soldier 1: Nice!
Soldier 2: ...Not so much.
by The Tay-meister January 24, 2008
the most disgusting mixed drink that will ever exist. it consists of 1 part patron, 5 parts Canada dry, and lots of squeezed limes. must be hammered to appreciate its taste.
I'm Austrian!
You invented Outback Steakhouse!
I think we're drunk enough for a Warhead!
by 2drunkasscollegekids December 08, 2010
a spliff with only tobacco at the beginning, the rest being purely marijuana.
Hey Einstein, how's that warhead comin?
by AdventrureCrew June 02, 2010
To get head while playing Call of Duty.
As I was playing Call of Duty, she was giving me awesome Warhead.
by Warhead1337 November 18, 2009
a cigarette carved out at the tip and replaced with packed weed
dude #1: i just smoked a warhead and i'm feelin' fine my nigga.
dude #2: nice.
by tehSuperjesus February 28, 2009
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