A very fun table-top strategy game involving miniature that the player collects and paints. While it may be a bit overpriced, Games Workshop is only raising prices like any other company would. It's called supply and demand. As the demand for warhammer goes up, and the supply needs to be raised to keep up with the soaring demand, prices are going to be raised, naturally. What with inflation and all, this is to be expected. If the demand drops for some reason, obviously the price will drop as well. I swear, if everyone in the world were forced to take an Economics 101 class, half the world's problems would be solved. Anyways, despite some people's assessments of the game, it is not "simple" by any stretch of the imagination. Having rules that are not too complex, for both versions of the game, prevents arguements over rules and lets players get to the important part: the game. Despite having fairly easy to understand rules, the game's strategies and tactics can be as deep, complex, and cunning or as simple, unthought out, and easy as you like. And, as I said earlier, though the game is fairly expensive, it is one of the most rewarding gaming experiences, since you have to take the time to raise the cash, buy the models, assemble them (converting as desired), and paint them all uniquely. In a nerdy sort of way, your army is an extension of yourself and your personality on the tabletop. In short: This game rocks!
Oh crap, another SMurf newbie with a land raider.
by Wargamer April 28, 2004
Top Definition
The cure for having money.
Warhammer Looks like an interesting game,but I like to be able to afford food.
#overpriced #starcraft #warcraft #fantasy #rpg
by artemisathena September 20, 2006
A company which lists exactly why they continously raise their prices to ridiculous amounts on their investor relations page. And no, it has nothing to do with supply and demand.

Warhammer exec: Hmmm, The LOTR bubble finally popped as predicted, lets jack prices in all other sectors up.
#warhammer 40k #40k #eldar #the warp #smurf
by red blue green September 23, 2006
A dirty great hammer used to kill things.
Warhammers hurt when they hit you
by Carpamn June 10, 2003
Warhammer is a table-top miniatures game created by Games Workshop. It is split into three different games:
Warhammer Fantasy - Orcs, Goblins, Knights, etc
Warhamer 40,000 (40k) - Aliens, humans, guns, etc
Lord of the Rings - Based on the books by JRR Tolkien.

The player builds an army of whatever he wants, glues them together, and paints them, then plays games with them.

The game itself is very simple to understand, but also very complex. Games can last hours and are very fun to play.

Painting an army can take a long time or a short time, depending how much effort you put into it. Although some people finding painting a burden, to me painting is half the fun of the hobby.

Warhammer is somewhat overpriced. However it is not just the plastic/metal soldier you pay for, but also the hours of enjoyment you get from it by painting and playing with it. This makes it worthwhile.
Warhammer is a great hobby!
#warhammer #warhammer 40k #lord of the rings #table-top #miniatures
by neofreak101 November 13, 2006
When Dungeons and Dragons meets arts and crafts.
"Want to play Warhammer?"

"Sure, but first I've got to finish painting my figurines."
#war #hammer #d&d #arts #crafts
by The Crew Dog June 12, 2009
A fantastic fantasy tactic game, that uses 30 mm miniatures
Dwarf armies are the best in Warhammer
by Ximo August 11, 2003
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