something josh does not have
josh does not have a war hammer
by ash;) i win!! March 25, 2003
Somthing Ashlinn wants to get when shes older
jesus I need to get one of thoughs
by ............ March 25, 2003
A hugely expensive excuse for anal retentives with sweaty armpits to play with toy soldiers despite being grown men.
Guy 1: "I like Warhammer! Look, I spent £150 on 12 space goblins!"

Guy 2: "Aaah, the smell from your bomber jacket just blinded me!"
by Acolyte of Ouzounian March 05, 2007
The rapid, pounding insertion of four fingers into a bitch's twat.
I gave Jimmy's girlfriend Amy the WARHAMMER.
by Chris&Colin September 24, 2004
A kinda cool strategic fantasy battle game, played with minituares, dice and intricate model battlezones. Many armies take day's to complete a devastating battle. This product is sold mainly by The Games Workshop who must be fucking rich due to the astronomical costs involved in with maintaining an army of small soldiers.
Overall Warhammer however is a big waste of money. They have no resale value and the time spent painting, building, preparing and playing a battle could be used for more productive ventures.
"I wasted $5000 on Warhammer and now it just sits on my shelf."
"Yeah, when you think about it warhammer is pretty shit."
by Diego August 15, 2003
warhammer was oringinally designed in the late 1970s when nerds unanimously desided that computer games, Dungeouns and dragons and a complete lack of respect for clenleaness wherent enough to stop them getting girlfriends. This gave grown, acne filled, drooling men everywhere yet another reason to stay in there mothers basement and not see the light of day for week... Phew and there was me thinking I might move out.
"Would you like to play WARHAMMER with me tonight gerald."
"no thankyou i'm filing mothersvarookas."
by afro joe April 18, 2005
A slang term for masturbation
"I saw a nerd play Warhammer at the Rennaissance Faire."
by krustywazoo August 14, 2005

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