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High-end miniatures wargaming.

Extremely high prices for the fact they aren't even made of pewter anymore.

The prices have -nothing- to do with supply and demand. Many more popular miniatures games have maintained steady pricing. Especially with the UK's current economy, there is no reason for inflation.

Also do you even know how supply and demand works? Last time I checked the market has been flooded by their products worldwide. There is no demand issue, there is no supply issue. There is no inflation.

The truth is that their stock has been falling and they are compensating for failing sub-games, ie. BFG, Epic, LOTR, etc.

Anyone with a brain would have checked their -investor relations- page to figure this out themselves, where they spell it out themselves.
Watch their stock drop until they are forced to reshuffle management. Then warhammer might actually get codexes out on time instead of whenever they can max profit
by brainfreezer July 26, 2008

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