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1. An outlaw. One who is exiled from human society. 2. A muderer who strangles his victims. 3. A large, intelligent, man-eating wolf. 4. A werewolf.
1. My mom doesn't like to discuss my uncle. I think he's a warg.
2. Be careful. I hear a warg escaped from the nearby prison last night.
3. I don't like going into the woods at night. I always feel as if wargs are following me.
4. Don't hang around with that guy on a full moon. I hear he's a warg.
by Wulfgrim October 28, 2006
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Man! dun be a warg here k?
by joeblack April 24, 2005
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We Are Really Good Shaggers.

This can refer to any group of males who are well known for being really good shaggers!!

Founded by a legend called Notty who started the Torquay WARGS. Currently boosting a modest 20+ members. To be a WARG you need to be a legend and follow STIFF rules!!

The WARGS are well known across the world and leave a mark where ever they go famously though in KAVOS, CORFU!!

They are loved and adored by girls from Essex, so much they even try to be men so they can call themselves a WARG!!
I went to Kavos and met these amazing guys called the Torquay WARGS
by Notty November 14, 2007
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