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1. An outlaw. One who is exiled from human society. 2. A muderer who strangles his victims. 3. A large, intelligent, man-eating wolf. 4. A werewolf.
1. My mom doesn't like to discuss my uncle. I think he's a warg.
2. Be careful. I hear a warg escaped from the nearby prison last night.
3. I don't like going into the woods at night. I always feel as if wargs are following me.
4. Don't hang around with that guy on a full moon. I hear he's a warg.
by Wulfgrim October 28, 2006
A) Menthol cigarettes, usually Newports. B) Any cigarette commonly smoked by African Americans.
ex 1: Black guy smoking a Newport: "It's not about the toothpicks... It's about the coon sticks, Niggaaa!"
ex 2: Black guy at convenience store looking to puchase a pack of Newports: "Y'all got any coon sticks?"
by Wulfgrim October 28, 2006

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