white ass redhaired fag
that kid alex blalock is the biggest warf ive ever fuckin met!
by dom March 01, 2005
Top Definition
slang off of barf. to puke or throwup;
and/or simply something disgusting-
a word used to emphasize repulsion.
statement "that dumb bitch was there."
reply "aww warf i hate her!"


my cat warfed all over the couch and a layed in it!
by fatteh & rickapoo October 25, 2005
A combination of Warrior and Dwarf often used to describe an angry, but threatening midget. usually one with a beard.
1.Wow, i had a pretty rough night. I accidentally stepped on a Warf last night and got my ass kicked.

2. The charging warf pounced on the muffin due to his outrageous, angry little appetite.

3. Louie Anderson

4. Gimlee form lord of the rings
by gransharf February 21, 2010
a word the was made up by a fat ass to try and copy fasi and or bogi to make fun of alex: the real meaning of warf is wide assed, rank(as in smelly) faggot.
the fat ass stinky italian dom is not only a big overweight gay italian but also a wide assed rank faggot
by fo shiggty March 02, 2005
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