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The uncommon name for a fire breathing unicorn. The war ponies were all native to Transylvania but then Travis's family slaughtered most of the breed. The few that were spared were dehorned and robbed of their fire breathing ability. Today they are known as the common horse.
Tim: I don't wanna sound like a queer or anything but unicorns kick ass.

Sally: Well you definately sound gay. If you would have said a War Pony kicks ass then I would have totally let you bone me.
by Mrs. A October 02, 2008
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Usually an old and delapidated vehicle driven by drunk american indians.
Some paiute just crashed his War Pony into the reservation casino.
by The Smegmanater February 23, 2012
This is a term for an angry fire breathing pony with a large horn atop his head. They were used in battle in Transylvania long ago as not only trasportation but also impaling devices.
Vlad Dracula's army of men were seen riding into battle on their fire breathing War Ponies. By enlisting the War Pony the army became unstoppable.
by Candi Anderson January 09, 2009

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