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2 definitions by Mikenstein

Female version of a Blumpkin: Performing cunnilingus on a female while she defecates
Did you hear? Jack White gave Meg porcelingus before their show the other night. The mic he used now smells like fish & shit!
by Mikenstein July 10, 2008
4 2
Sexy prank to pull while or just after anal sex in the doggy style position. A male partner, or female with a strap-on, after finishing or during a break, pulls out, wipes himself off with his hand(s) and then slaps the ass of the participant on all-fours, leaving "painted" hand-print(s).

Yelling "Geronimo!" is an option and is worth 5 bonus points.
In the heat of passion, Pamela asked Manny to spank her, so he decided to go all out, yell, "Geronimo!" and give her an Indian War Pony instead. He earned 105 points!
by Mikenstein November 20, 2009
1 7