A term often used by LD(learning disabled) kids who have their brains still stuck in the mid 90's or are very pop orientated. They act very gangster, while keeping up their mental capacity....

Wappah, comes from Rapper...kids w/ down syndrome and other handicaps cant pronounce things at all, but mostly refers to how the kids dress "hardcore"
You see that fruit over there w/ apple sauce all over his face and the dog chain on his wallet? He's a wappah.
by PrOzAk August 18, 2003
Top Definition
The sound Chandler Bing makes when he's trying to do the noise a cracking whip makes.
by Dirtyfrog August 20, 2003
The onomatopoeia that expresses the state of "being whipped".
Your wife says you can't come out with us tonight? Wappah!
by M-Lo August 20, 2003
the sound of a craking whip.
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
a chocolate cover malt ball. also known as a whopper.
the movie theatre hands out free boxes of wappah's because they are so bad, and no one likes them.
by goddess August 17, 2003
White Rapper
Eminem is such a wapper
by BoB August 17, 2003
1. any hip-hop or spoken word artist with a speech impediment, such as a lisp, cleft palate, stuttering, or wolling awers.
2. Elmer Fudd's attempt at rapping.
Hey, Elmer, I didn't know you were a wappah.
by Big Daddy August 21, 2003
An unusually large piece of human defecation, intact and curling around the toilet.
Please, Mrs. Walters, I am truly sorry for leaving such a "wappah" in your fine, white porcelain lavatory.
by Scott S. August 17, 2003

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