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People who say wanter are people with speech problems who can't say 2wanker
oh my dod u futting wanter
by cristoferrrrrrrr November 28, 2006
The act of wanting water and just combining the words.
I'm thirsty but idk what to get to drink since I don't wanter.
by Iomai May 16, 2013
A person that wants everything.
Usual phrases heard from a wanter:

gimme gimme gimme

can i have one, pllllllease?

can i keep this?

can i borrow this?

come on just let have this?

do you have a doller?

i wont be your friend

oh, buy me this so i can remember you

you don't need that so can i have it?

if you dont let me keep this i wont be your friend.

you get the idea
by am7777 February 26, 2005
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