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the ultimate poser- someone who wants to be emo, but can't because they are just trying too hard. Usually these people are incredibly idiotic, annoying and are friends with only other wannabemos. they tend to travel in packs.
Wannabemo #1: i wrote a poem. "roses are red, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE!"
Wannabemo #2: That's deep.
by lalalalala! June 06, 2006
A wannabemo is a vain person who wants to fit in with the "cool" people, but will end up being socially rejected in most cases for being a self centred asshole. They more than often spend 90% of their lives sitting listening to music they don't appreciate and buying clothes they don't like, as long as they're the emo trend. See poser.
Wannabemo: Man, I want a pair of converses! It's not as if I actually like them or anything, but it's what all the popular kids are wearing! Omg I hate my life!
*rubs wrists with the blunt end of a plastic butter knife*

Bystander: Dude, you are such a freakin wannabemo.
by Hybridflame February 02, 2007
a wannabe emo person who isnt emo.
that girl is so wannabemo!
by vanessa r. February 16, 2004
Kids that try really hard, but just can't become quite 'scene' enough.
Oh don't you love those trashy jeans with the cuts and rips all over them? I've seen wannabemo's all over school with those.
by Jeff b. August 02, 2005
this is just a better word than wemo, i think! rolls off the tongue better!
"tulleh, you are such a wannabemo!"
by candiclaus November 08, 2006
Noun: a person who tries to be emo, or thinks they are emo, but they lack certain or maybe even all aspects of the emo label.
Look at that wannabemo. Too bad he's not actually emo.
by Katlyn O September 27, 2007
People who want to conform to the sterotype of emo's but slashing their wrists. Real emos do not self harm.
Oh forlorn. I broke a nail *slash slash slash*
Oh my god I couldnt find the exact weight of cheese I wanted to buy *slash slash slash*
"I'm such a wannabemos"
by Armadillo_Mania August 21, 2006
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