Something unbelievable awesome. (Sounds even better if you stress the W and K for effect)
Man last night was WanKtastic!
by Kanyelover May 13, 2008
Top Definition
Something or someone worthy of being the subject of a person's oneristic tendencies. Something or someone worth wanking over.
"ooh thats a wanktasic set of tits!"
by Tom Jones June 01, 2003
A word sarcastically used to describe extremely fast, yet unmelodic, self indulgent guitar playing.
Person 1: Isn't Yngwie Malmsteen great?
Person 2 (sarcastically): Yeah... he's wanktastic...
by Franchez August 01, 2005
The feeling of elation when something is so good it makes you want to cream yourself
A: I get free Mixed Grills at Harvester for 6 months
B: Wank-tastic!
by Pete January 30, 2005
adj.- mindblowingly egotistical
Can you believe she said her writing was too good for an editor? That is so wanktastic.
by mynameisunimportant May 08, 2005
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