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wanker + retard = wanktard
he is such a wanktard
by Miss. Unique March 03, 2006
1. see parsha
2. the state of being a wanker while at the same time illustrating the qualities of a mentally challenged person, or, presently, a retard
1. omg Parsha you are such a wanktard!
2. d00d dont be a wanktard!
3. omg ur such a wanktard!
4. wanktard!
by uh.... March 26, 2004
noun. a person that exhibits the lesser attributes of a chronic masturbator and the mentally deficient.
You are a wanktard.
by CorruptedData February 07, 2003
A cross beetween a wanker and a retard.
Kevin Rudd - The Australian Prime Minister, total wanktard.
by Naay June 20, 2010
An idiot or dumbass who is also a jerk. related to a wanker that acts like a retard.
Jimmy is such a jerk, he's a real wanktard.
by jotthedot March 28, 2008
A Retard who masturbates.
A mentally challenged person looking at porn and stroking or pulling there penis to get off.
by Loser January 30, 2005