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Diminutive for wanker.
William King (aka kingwilly) is a wanker, but as I refrain from using such harsh words, I describe him as a wanklette as he stole my word "wanklette" and is touting it as his own creation on Urban Dictionary.
by Jet Gorgon March 27, 2008
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the feminine verion of the noun wanker.
Fist known usage of the word by Jet Gordon sometime in 2007, but this is subject to verification.
See that girl over there, she is a right wanklette
by Propogator August 09, 2008
Something like a pearl necklace, but in this case the cum is sprayed around the lady's ankle.
'Marjorie! Your wanklette is dripping all over the lino.'
by slimboyfat October 10, 2008
The femimine version of the term 'wanker' as applied to an annoying intellectually challenged female who persists in repeating what has already been defined.
' She is such a wanklette she doesn't give up easily'.
by Momo8 August 08, 2008
A group of people on an Internet forum who keep trying to be cleverer than each other.
Generally found where one-up-man-ship is going on a lot of the time.

William King and Jet Gorgon were both part of the wanklette.
They just couldn't stop trying to better each other all the time.
by Quirrel Master of the Universe August 12, 2008
A wanklette is a small annoying version of a wanker. Not actually big enough or annoying enough to be a full version wanker, wanklette is the next best insult.
That annoying welsh fellow in that Irish bar is such a wanklette.
by william king March 27, 2008

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