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A wanker a person who can't get any who is also ugly
Do you know what you are dave? i'll tell you what you are, YOU ARE A WANKFACE
by Robin January 03, 2005
15 14
A complete and total wanker, two faced. Bastard.
Can you believe what he did?! What a wank face!
by crazyarsedfly August 15, 2011
35 2
Noun- an insult

Verb- a compliment ; "I will wank-face" I will go masturbate to your face .
"What the fuck.. ? You're such a wank-face , dude .. "

"Oh .. I think I have to wank-face now ."
by colourful_clouds July 07, 2009
22 4
The involuntary gurning face contortions one makes while having a wank.
My girlfriend said she liked to see me wank but was disturbed by my hiddious wankface.
by max apple core October 10, 2006
12 9
The name of my dads regulsr porn site.
Hey son stay out my room for the next 10 mins. Im just going to pull one off on
by mr mellowfellow August 11, 2008
1 7
A cool person, who is also very popular and funny, and looks a bit like Steve McQueen perhaps.
Hey Dave, I wish as much of a wankface as you, you get all the ladies frothing and that.
by Iain February 18, 2005
8 15
1) A term used by idiots who tried to combine two insults to make a superior 'uber' insult, but failed miserbaly.
2) Said by Jonathon Ross when trying to say 'rank face'
3) It actually comes from the term used by the mexicans: 'el faceo wankido' which is used mainly when they are riding camels.
Shut up! Your such a...such a...wank face!
by Jean Pierre Lafee July 01, 2004
38 48