A car, either a SAXO (usually in the blue colour that is also popular amongst Grannies) or a Subaru (either of the blue or black variety)
See that wanker in his wanker mobile, he looks like a cock - BARE laughs!
by Team Diva April 28, 2006
Top Definition
A car tarted up by the lesser intelligent of the species in order to mask its actual shitness to the outside world.

Usually comprises of blue or green neon lights, and a cunt kit.

Loud (shit) music, blue floor lights, that can mean only one thing kids! Wankermobile!!!
by TheThirdMan April 28, 2004
A regular car that has been modified in the attempt to make it look like a sports car. Often has windows darkened with black see through sticky back plastic, an exhaust you could put your head in and more often than not has a huge bass music system in it that requires a small powerstation to run.
Look at that chav in his clio wanker mobile
by Wonky March 03, 2007
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