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The opposite of sweetness
I dropped my ipod. Shitness!
by Odetta April 02, 2006
a person or object that is very shitty.
Aw, you shitness!
by ryanle3 November 10, 2009
When you need to take a dump at work or any public place, any person who is loitering around the bathroom who may be a witness to your crime.
God, why were Tracy and Debbie hanging out right by the bathroom? I hate to have shitnesses.
by DWX2 July 22, 2010
A Cleveland Cavaliers fan who used to be a fan of Lebron James. Formerly referred to as 'Witness'.
We were all shitnesses to Lebron James' betrayal.
by jbisdaman July 09, 2010
A poor quality witness
They found me guilty because of my shitness.
by Benncm April 02, 2011
When food is so amazing it makes you shit.
That curry was the shitness
by God King James June 19, 2015
when something is really really cool
Oh shitness!
by joannabarry September 12, 2008

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