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A traditional British wank, involving mint sauce and select cuts of lamb breast.
"Dude, I caught Dave playing wankchops last night, he got mint sauce all over my bedsheets!"
by Steve Riches September 17, 2006
6 3

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A Term used to Describe a workmate or friend who has someway managed to piss you off or someone who has done something wrong.
"Oi wank chops look at the state of this!"
by sharkey1977 September 23, 2006
17 5
A complete tosser, usually driving a peny-envy car
"Fuckin' wankchop just cut me up!!"
by Goober March 15, 2005
6 3
Confusing amalgamation of insults sqaushed together in a big sweary vice before being pulped into a pseudo joke argument that is being fought by two insufferable cunts.
"Why did he take you to the bunny ranch ?"

"For wanton animalistic anal sex"

"Fuck he is so Gen X"

"Yeah, his leather brouges filled up with the venereal discharge of hope"

"No, I meant he looked a bit like Douglas Copland"

"Oh that wankchops"
by gaping munt March 06, 2004
4 5
A Person who is so stupid and dumb they are called a wank chop
Barry u Wank chop chew on my lefty
by Bob February 23, 2005
3 13