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Lame-ass football fans that frequent the gloryhole board
Here comes a wangnut again... wangnutS suck!
by Biggus Wangus August 21, 2006
The so-called Leper Colony of Cyberspace where the socially retarded play the victim card, lament their isolation, and display their envy for society's mainstream.
"His deeply-rooted social problems rival those of a Wangnut."
by Kenny Jennings August 25, 2006
Someone considered to be "off his/her rocker." Sometimes used for oriental people.
"Dude, he had too much to drink. He's acting like a total wangnut!"
by Mike October 02, 2003
to throw a stick into the gear box. to make an easy situation or circumstance more complicated than is neccesary.

also to describe a person as an idiot.
"John really wang-nutted up the Brewster account when he included the mandatory car rental clause."

"Mom always said that Mary was something special. Little did we realize she meant Mary is a wang-nut."
by mysterJay June 06, 2009