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A wanchor, is a self absorbed malcontent who moderates a chat site. A wanchor is generally a jumped up muppet with less people skills than kermit the frog
See that WPP, hes a right wanchor
by Dana Scully May 31, 2007
Derived from the words 'wanker' and 'anchor', the Portmanteau word 'wanchor' is used primarily as an insult on the Lycos UK chat site to indicate that a moderator is either: a) underperforming in their task, b) displays arrogance and appalling manners online, c) is known to offer sexually themed web cam shows to other users, d) displays mind-numbing incompetence that infuriates users, e) lacks people skills.
"That man is a complete wanchor, all he cares about is his PC, cracking one off on cam and loving himself"
by Observer_UK May 31, 2007
Another name used by chatters on WBC when talking about Navigators. Wanchor is a play on words; a combination of the words wanker and anchor.

Wanker is defined as 'A complete tosser. Someone who makes as little effort as they can possibly get away with.'
It also rhymes with anchor.

Lycos chat Navigators have an anchor next to their name, an indication to chatters that they are there to assist.
'Who called in the wanchors?'

'Where are the wanchors when you need them?'
by MMB6 March 05, 2007
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