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sort of like a pan.

but not
dude a: dude! you better not be cooking this in a wan!

dude b: why not! a wan is like a pan

dude a:... but not.

there is a frank exchange of opionion(a gunfight) and dude a dies
by collin miller October 08, 2003
3 21
Very pale, albino
Dude, Aviel why are you so damn wan!?!?!
by Dino Susan January 07, 2009
225 70
Scottish slang for semen or the act of male ejaculation. Usually used in a humorous manner during arguments. It is also very commonly incorporated into other words to describe when something is great.
"shut it or I'll wan on yer face"

"That meal was wan-tastic" - so good it is worthy of ejaculation.
by boab93 August 09, 2010
76 36
acronym for Wack Ass Nigga.
-I can't believe that WAN shot the last shot of the game.

-Who invited the WAN to the party?

- Yung1n is a WAN like Paul Pierce.
by Mc'LovinIVXX September 17, 2011
50 24
Irish term for a female...
Generally preceeded by 'your' or 'young'...
Male version is 'man'...
Check out your wan over there...

Who do them young wans think they are?

Male: I was talking to your man last night about the car...
by Bitchiness September 24, 2008
62 50
Wans is the universal word. It can be used for anything you want.
I wansed in my pants!
by new-phase April 06, 2011
7 2
Wide Area Network
by noxic June 09, 2003
100 98
Wild Ass Nigga
sometimes this w.a.n. have no respect for the law
by G-Wan November 28, 2011
2 1