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3 definitions by BigNToasty

Term used in Ireland to denote disrespect.
Look at this wan, what a bleydin' who-or!
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
Dublin, Ireland: The excuse any misguided teen uses to justify an act of vandalism.
- " But WHY did you smash the glass in that bus shelter? "

- " Just for the BUUZZ, Adrian... "
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
Buzz word used in Dublin, Ireland for a short while...seems to have gone out of fashion lately. Mostly used by knackers, skanks and other persons of low intelligence and/or social status
- "Aw, did you see your man meetin' Jacinta at Redz last nigh'"

- "Aw he was maaaasive"

- "He was maaaasive"
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005