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Washington Mutuals failed attempt to sound cool
I think wamu is a really gay word, just like washington mutual
by kenny c June 10, 2006
1. The byproduct of eating out a mans asshole formed from a mixture of saliva, fecal matter and sometimes anal lubricants.

2. Express disgust, annoyance, contempt, impatience, or simply for emphasis.

3. To express waste, pain, failure or painful failure.

"That was some great ass, by my mouth is full of wamu"

"That shit is fucking wamu"

ex. 1 "if you don't stop, I will wamu you like a little bitch"
ex. 2 "your ass got wamued"
by surfergrrl21 June 12, 2008
abbreviated version of Washington Mutual Bank.
I went over and robbed the wamu on the corner.
by yongster October 03, 2005
Wild Ass Made-Up Shit

Invented on a Constantine Maroulis fanboard to mean "career speculation."

Also can be abbreviated to WAS: Wild Ass Shit.
1. When Constantine said he's going to be all over Fox news, I thought he meant he was going on the O'Reilly Factor. Just my WAMUS.

2. WAMUSWhen he said he's was going to be on the news, I figured he was hinting that he was going to be on a new Fox show with Kelsey Grammar called "Action News." /WAMUS

3. I just thought he was gonna be on the local 5 o'clock news...but whadda I know...WAS.

4. Club-goers: Girl One: Where did Jenny disappear to?
Girl Two: I think she's getting some in the bathroom with that guy she was talking to.
Girl One: Damn! That's some WAMUS!! She's standing right behind you.

5. Roommate Guy 1: What time did you roll in last night?
Roommate Guy 2: Shit if I can remember. I was so drunk I think I had a 3-way with those 2 chicks from the bar.
Guy 1: Jahyeahuh right!! In your dreams! WAMUS!!
by kendall_belle February 09, 2007
n. 1/3 of the 836 Mafia
v. a way of getting Whitney's attention in a loud, crowded orgy.
WAMU, come and save my born again virgin ass from this orgy. Thanks.
by 836 Mafia January 08, 2009
Gay people who eat out other men and hate on the oozk who are bosses
wamu = tanner, kyle, tyler, garrett, other ppl
by Kyle Price May 14, 2008
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