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A six legged creature. Four legs to run at the speed of light, two to fight with all its might.
Ryan: Dude last night a wampus cat obliterated me in the face.

Chris: Damn that sucks. It looks like your gonna need some stitches.
by ryaniscool October 21, 2008
Originally thought to be a women who was cursed by an ancient Cherokee priest for interrupting a male rite of passage, turning her into a half women half panther creature. Now the modern definition is a normally respectable, likeable, and often pretty girl, who when drunk goes on the prowl for any boy she can get a hold of. Should be avoided, can lead to awkward Sundays and lots of vomit.
Dude, she just tried to make out with me on the dance floor for the fourth time.

Yeah she's a wampus cat dude, watch out.
by jmalphrus October 20, 2009
A stale, often run through abyss; a gaping smelling vagina; a slut that frequents music festivals for the bubble hash; a groupie that follows the Indiana native John Mellencamp; a majestic paradox for a bottomless pit
Minks has wampus cat attributes.

Dammmnn, do u smell that wampus cat, that shit was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway
by I am Wampus Cat September 18, 2011
A Blue Panther like cat with 6 legs. 4 for running, 2 for fighting. The Mascot of Conway High School in Conway Arkansas. It's kinda Retarded really.
"That creepy painting of the old Wampus Cat at West Campus gave me nightmares" (you know the one they film all of the school elections and such not in front of.)
by Lauren Cain April 06, 2010
wampus cat is a mythical creature that supposedly lives in swamps and shallow lakes that is covered in hair. wampus cat is also a slang term for a female with a dirty vagina that has an odor similar to a wet cat in a bag of onions. wampus cat can also be used a slang refering to a male that is homosexual that does not bathe and/or has stds.In kentucky and parts of indiana wampus cats have supposedley been spotted in several areas they know them as schlenks. the most reports of wampus cats are in a small town inside of louisville called jeffersontown.
that bitch aint took a shower in a week, she turnin into a wampus cat.
by trick or treat August 10, 2010
Unidentifiable animal, who at a fleeting glimpse in the night only reveals glowing eyes.
"Look, up ahead in the road, a Wampus-cat"
by Duff Miller August 23, 2006
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