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Wammer is a term used for a highschool and\or college party with more then 75 people and lots and lots of beer,alchol,girls,drugs. Not a sausage party.
I hear theres a wammer up at the mountain tonight, I doubt the cops will come.
by extulas June 18, 2004
A subtle interjection, typically used by a third person, after someone has received an insult or made a mistake. Can also be used as a term used to describe any situation perceived to be funny at the expense of someone else.
Example 1:
Dude 1: Yo man how did you do on that exam today?
Dude 2: There was an exam today?
Dude 3: Ha. Wammers.

Example 2:

Dude 1: I just got head from that hot blonde Erica.
Dude 2: Dude WTF that's my sister.
Dude 3: Wammers.
by wammsteinrosenkatzberg May 16, 2010
this term is used in 4 lions, it is basically gettin called a batty boy
you callin me a wammer
by rubber dingy rapids 123 December 28, 2010
See bammer

Weed that lacks in quality.

Also known as stress, Bobby Brown, bammer and mexican brick.
"That weed is some wammers"

"If you got the bobby, don't come around me. I need that shit from Humboldt County. 420, paraquat, the shit that make you cough up snot"
- Mac Dre, "I need an eighth"
by TheStudioDankster650 April 29, 2007
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