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When an individual is corrected or 'put in their place', after they themselves have tried to belittle or mock a third party.
Grumpyhour: Did you know that if you take parts of words and resemble them, you can pronounce the word ghoti, like fish.

BrningPyre: And then the OP took parts of things that don't work on their own, treated them as if they worked on their own, and then threw them all together.
It's like taking a lung and a heart, connecting them, and then leaving them on a table, expecting them to breathe.

Wamblecockd: This is an old linguistic trick generally said to have been coined by an Irish playwright named George Bernard Shaw. Shaw was a known literacy critic, and this word was said to be part of his argument in favor of further English language spelling reform. Shaw favored a more standardized spelling derived more from phonetics. Ironically, Ghoti highlights how the way we spell words is indeed not regulated, and is free to be changed at any time by any person. Ghoti illustrates how the morphology of phonemes in the English language can be illustrated by several different combinations of letters.

brningpyre just got 'wamblecockd'
by agingtrifecta November 03, 2011
Dropping some heavy-ass knowledge on fools who don't know what time it is.
"That dude just got wamblecock'd"
by jarrell127 November 03, 2011

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