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Wallsend is a small place in Newcastle and is well known for the large shopping centre called the Forum. The houses in wallsend are mainly council while some of the newly built houses are private. There are a few schools in wallsend including Burnside high school which is a very rough school and you will probably do drugs and crime and probobly get beaten up everytime you leave the gates if you go there. It is also a few stops on the metty from Howdon and The Meadowell , 2 very rough places to live , full of druggies and chavs. It is probably best to stay on the metty and head to Benton , Forest Hall and Longbenton. Much nicer places to live. But wallsend has to be best for shopping and people on the doul.
Mum: Want to go to wallsend to get some shopping in?
Son: Yeah can we go to the Forum?
Mum: Of coarse son we'll go to that sweet shop you like.
Son: Yes.
by newcastlelass March 06, 2009
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