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The street in Portland, Oregon where most of the hookers and prostitutes congregate.
Dude, let's go to Burnside and pick up some hos.
by Marcus Intalex May 16, 2003
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Civil War General Ambrose Everett Burnside was noted for his unusual facial hair, joining strips of hair in front of his ears to his mustache but with chin clean-shaven; the word burnside was coined to describe this style. The syllables were later reversed to give sideburns.
Dude, you started out with sideburns, then you went to mutton chops, and now you've got a full-blown burnside. Are you trying to not get a date?
by Nocturnal Otaku January 04, 2012
also see Eassman A Pimp By definition, A Burnside May exibet signs of unruley behaviour and/or Homosexuality. if you happen to encounter a burside in its natural environment (playing wow or equivelent) be wary as mood swings are imanent and objects may be thrown at your head.
Hey look theres a Burnside....look over there in that bush!
by Eassmang October 29, 2006
To do the bare minimum of a job, just enough to get by.
Did you burnside your work today. or did you do it right?
by sanchez February 12, 2005

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