One who casually leans against a wall waiting for their next trick or pimp. This person is usually new to the game and only gives it out to Caucasians. Added they give massive amounts of hand and blowjobs for a meager ten dollars a job.
She's been leaning against that aparment building for an hour she must be a Waller.
by Someguyyouhate June 14, 2011
Big daddy. King Waller. The-Man-With-The-Plan! Best lover a woman could ever encounter... Kind, generous, wild, charming, wealthy and wise!!! He is the one stop shop when looking for your King! Will take you to places before him your mind couldn't even conceive. Loving a Waller is difficult but the rewards are worth every anguished moment!
by lover of one February 05, 2010
One with the strength to hold you against a wall and fuck you.
Dayum. Have you seen Mark Wahlberg? He is a Waller.
by Medemming July 17, 2015
VERB: How a walrus moves.
He wallered about in the sun.
She was wallering along.
Don't waller about! Hurry up!
by iwishiwasatree March 15, 2010
one who is a wall hacker
A: Man that guy has got wall hacks!
B: yeah hes a total waller.
a geek. someone who never leaves thier house. all of thier freinds are over the internet.
see that geek?
yeah hes a total waller!
by Nathanm156 February 08, 2009
a Waller is an atractive young actress and the 'new wave' of drama teacher.
'that girl is such a Waller'

'I'm a Waller'
by Kellie121 October 16, 2006
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