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the art of hitting every wall in any racing game, thus slowing you down and possibly crashing your car.
"That Nissan Skyline sure does do a lot of wallage!"

"Aw damn, what happened to your car?"
"It experienced a lot of wallage when I was playing Need for Speed last night."
by Kevy and Hannah May 16, 2009
A word that means the basics of a wall, aka the flat, non-corner section of wall, Paining jargon.
ex) I think to day I'll just do basic wallage, and tomorrow I'll paint the intricate stuff, like corners.
by Vincent Miceli July 07, 2009
A family which people insist on pronouncing their names wrong due to lack of culture!
people pronounce it wolidge! when it is pronounced volasg'he!

so this word WOLIDGE means someone who is uncultured and cannot accept something new and interesting!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
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