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Noun. A person who is socially awkward and not outgoing.

Stems from people who go swimming but just hang on the edge because they are too scared to actually swim.

Also comes from the popular 80s movie Sixteen Candles, at the school dance there a bunch of freshman nerds who just lean against the wall and scope out chicks but just hug the wall the whole time
"Check out those wall huggers over there."
"Ha, such nerds."

"How was the club last night."
"Shit man it sucked, just a bunch of wall huggers and sluts."
by ALkapwn007 September 25, 2011
A play on the term 'Tree Huggers'.

On facebook, where two or more people (friends) fill the need to self-consciously have conversations on each others walls so the whole world can see. Its usually in the form of in/personal jokes, banter, boasting or organising an event/outing/social gathering
Guy: Why the hell does Tristian and Hamish feel the need to clog up my news feed with this random conversation that no one wants to see or read! Why can't they use chat or message each other?

Guy 2: They are Wall Huggers.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething May 11, 2011
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