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Also known as the lesser seen Molly creature, you can find these phenomenons in Indonesia, Switzerland (Leysin American School), Venezuela, Australia, and Kazakhstan. The Molly has a variety of sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, Herpes, and Syphilis.
Melissa: Oh my god, did you see that creature leaping through the trees?
Kat: Oh, you mean the Walking STD?
Melissa: I didn't know the Molly migrates to Switzerland!
Kat: Yeah, well, this one has been here for almost two years now, so, you kinda get used to it.
by kattheyeoham October 20, 2009
Basically, a whore; usually, walking stds have fake tans, abercrombie clothing, and herpes.
To a walking std, "the clap" is more than a hand gesture.
by junglejenga April 13, 2004
Basically a person who either doesn't remember who they had sex with or a person who doesn't care and has sex with anyone. also known as walking sex.
"that guy is a walking sexually transmitted disease.....but he isn't even that hott...."
by abs March 03, 2005
Scott Kramer is a Walking STD. He has herpes
Wow, that guy Scott Kramer is a walking STD
by Boobie February 23, 2005
a walking std is the name for a girl called niki fox
she walked up a hill to get fucked up the ass, because she is a walking STD.
by mmmmmmmmmmmeee April 02, 2007