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Basically a person who either doesn't remember who they had sex with or a person who doesn't care and has sex with anyone. also known as walking sex.
"that guy is a walking sexually transmitted disease.....but he isn't even that hott...."
by abs March 03, 2005
An act (usually by a guy) that is considered sketchy, shaddy, and just all out ridiculous. Mainly performed by ass holes, but can sometimes also make one and ass hole.
when a guy makes out with you, and then acts like you are the obsessed idiot.
by abs March 01, 2005
This is used to describe any man who has a sex appeal somewhat like that of Austin Powers. He isn't really hott, but there is just something that screams that he is all about sex....
"lets call him w.s. b/c thats basically what he is, walking sex."
by abs March 03, 2005
wen sum1 says sumink dat is outa order
my boi slept wit my best mate

damn dats hursh!!
by abs December 01, 2003
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