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A zombie show that is the bomb if u don't like the walking dead u don't have a life and r stupid they have the hottest people on it including rick the Cherf and Daryl Dixon the hottnes person ever he is a badass they are in a zombie apocalypse and a lot of there people get eaten by zombies or die giving birth like Lori ricks wife and there's a gurl with a masheti and put in threw some guys face if u don't watch the walking dead u should start one get to watching
Walking dead has a lot of blood zombies and violence for kids 10 and up
by Miley cyrus December 12, 2013
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When a man comes in a woman's eyes and she is left to stagger around with her arms outstretched, looking for something to clean up with.
After I popped on her face, she did the Walking Dead until she found her way into the bathroom and flushed the goo out of her eyes.
by Uncle Merkin May 24, 2016
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