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To get blazed, to smoke cannabis, to get high off of THC
"I tell a bitch I'm cherfin and she's like, 'What does that mean?' its when you role ten blunts then start relaxing... this is for you little peasants that keep asking..." -Los
by RoneIone November 18, 2010
The liquid substance that is secreted from an anus directly following a vigorous round of buttsex. Cherf is a compound liquid created from a combination of semen, lube, blood, fecal matter, sweat, and sometimes tears.
(sung to the tune of "achy breaky heart"): Don't touch my butt, my icky sticky butt, or else you'll get cherf all on your hand.

(sung to the tune of "poppin' my collar"): Ever since I can remember I've had cherf on my collar...

What is that stain on your pants? It looks like they got cherfed on!
by The Namer of Cherf July 11, 2011
The noise that comes from a hard shot in Soccer, Hockey, etc. CHERF!
Dion Papoose of the Calgary Flames' shot was too much for Roberto Luongo due to its CHERF Factor
by Nalga De Un Poer June 07, 2009

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