Top Definition
Fat git who tells people he loves them then screws them around.
Thinks he can sing. Can't.
by - July 20, 2003
1 Word related to waitey
Fat, perverted tosser.
'Waitey is such a dickhead'
by - July 15, 2003
that guy that goes out with my best mate!!
shes goin out with that waitey fellow!
by ZZXXZZXXZZXX August 31, 2003
arsehole who cheats on you with complete dogs!
rhian francis, current girlfriend of waitey... both dogs!
by An ex July 19, 2003
Fat desperate pervert who has to go out with a dog to get anyone. He pretends to do 'things'
My brother is a Waitey.
by squeaky August 17, 2003

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