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Term of vague affection, usually of the working class, intended towards someone of the opposite sex. Normally relatively meaningless. Common in Northern England, esp. Yorkshire (but also popular in southern and central Scotland); most other users are ex-pats.
"That'll be three pound seventy six for a glass of water, luv"
"Y'alright luv?"
by squeaky January 11, 2006
when you are really kissing someone you love a lot and you feel your body rise and you start to go faster and it feels so amazing orgasmic-like and then you slow down and you get all tingly inside and you feel so amazing inside and you wish you could stay in that moment of complete ecstasy forever....
when i kiss skyler its like orgasmic mouth sex
by squeaky June 22, 2004
Ugly dog who goes out with waitey and cheats on him.
i have a rhian francis who likes other dogs
by Squeaky July 27, 2003
Fat desperate pervert who has to go out with a dog to get anyone. He pretends to do 'things'
My brother is a Waitey.
by squeaky August 17, 2003
the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.. hes also an amazing artist and plays guitar.. hes a great friend and hes one to always make you laugh.. he gives the best hugs and makes you feel beautiful.. and i love him more than anything.
i love skyler !
by squeaky June 23, 2004
Squeaky is the best hedgehog in the world, though equal to smelly.

Is hated by Ildiko.
I love squeaky
by squeaky February 14, 2004
someone who always looks very pale, does all her homework and is a swot.

Do not be fooled by her false identity 'Kirsty Young'
kirkyturd looks pale.

Mr Scott likes kirkyturd.
by Squeaky July 27, 2003

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