To steal beer from a convenience store while yelling "wahoo."
That clerk nearly shot us when we wahooed all that Molson's.
by Stacy August 08, 2003
a hard ass, pimped out motha fucka wearing designer shades and a thuggish ruggish smirk. These types can be find on the streets of the University Virginia and are not to be mistaken with the "collar poppers" otherwise known as dickriders, money fiends, bitch asses, faggot asses, cock lovers, and bro's.
Whose that wahoo lookin motha fucker sellin crack?
by Wahoo fish taco November 26, 2007
a)must own at least 60 collored shirt
b)must own at least 60 pink shirts
c)must own a car that makes him fit in
d)must be atrracted to the same sex
e)must like either queer eye(males) or lesbos gone wild
f)must wish he was back in the good ole days
g)must have a job lined up at daddys family company
h)Must be a member of the 'hoo crew, AKA look like either Jack Black on 12 hits of X or the big show
i)must like the same sex
j)must have girlish qualities
k)must play with themself
I have a PP but like boys and wear pink, am I gay or just a wahoo?
by Loyal Wahoo January 25, 2006

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