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Fat jew convinced they are ladies man, when in fact theyre just a rotund rabbi. :)

Also not funny at all, despite being convinced they are.
Wagman: I'm a ladies man
Everyone else: No. Your fat.
by Eliot Shaw June 09, 2009
Wagman is a word to describe a male who is good with girls , for example a ladiesman , or a player
Wagman - A man or boy who is good at talking to girls , or has many friends that are girls ,
by Oliver potts January 21, 2008
A person who tries to help out miserable creatures like Jeffs but fail tragicly because the jeff is a lost cause or because the Wagmen has no idea what she is talking about.
Wow, look at that wagmen, she is just wasting her time trying to help that pathetic boy.
by jeff January 28, 2004