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Wagger (wAH-gher)-N- One who is of caucasion homosexual descent, and acts "ghetto".

Common activities include: Rapping, Wearing "Doo-Rags", Sagging your pants, carrying a bandanna in your back pocket, wearing Jordans, or excessive use of racial slurs.
Wagger 1- "Like AHMAHGAWD do you see that cute pair of jordans!? Their adorb!"
Regular guy overhearing- Hes a wagger....
by Reasonable Guy January 17, 2012
8 13
one who wags uncontrollably
butch was a wagger b/c he never showed up to the game.

nikhil was a serious wagger when he missed the game for having a slight fever.
by master wagger himself April 25, 2009
22 9
name given to breasts of a large size with a lot of bounce
she had very nice waggers ,let me see you waggers
by espee March 17, 2005
7 7
Wack swag
This bro rockin mandels tryin to be hard, straight "Wagger" no U-Turns"
by 2DotDee July 08, 2011
2 7
A wigger who is also a homosexual.
Also, another term for penis.
That wagger don't have no wagger!
by Michelle Wang November 28, 2004
15 38