A rare occurance during which a human literally ejaculates a pre-cooked waffle. It is said to be extremely painful and in extremely rare cases, the waffle is followed by maple syrup and in one recorded instance, a small amount of butter.
1-"I had a wafflegasm last night"
2-"Did it hurt?"
1-"Yeah, im seeing my doctor tommarow."
2-"Has that ever happened to you before?"
1-"Once. I cried.*sniffle*"
by QazRant January 13, 2011
Top Definition
The overwhelming feeling of joy that comes from a fresh bouquet of homemade waffles on an other wise cold, yucky morning.
Roommate 1: I was planning to sleep in, but this morning you had to get up and have a wafflegasm at the crack of dawn.
Roommate 2: Yeah sorry about that.
Roommate 1: You could at least be quiet about it...
Roommate 2: Obviously you haven't tried these waffles.
by Josephine Crew March 29, 2009
The announcement of one's orgasm via masturbation.
"I will be ejaculating at the beep. beep."
by The Global Man December 04, 2004
cums from jamaica, - wen u have an orgasm by eatin too many waffles
ooooh ooh ooh waffles, oooh, more!
by aaron February 16, 2005
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