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The overwhelming feeling of joy that comes from a fresh bouquet of homemade waffles on an other wise cold, yucky morning.
Roommate 1: I was planning to sleep in, but this morning you had to get up and have a wafflegasm at the crack of dawn.
Roommate 2: Yeah sorry about that.
Roommate 1: You could at least be quiet about it...
Roommate 2: Obviously you haven't tried these waffles.
by Josephine Crew March 29, 2009
A rare occurance during which a human literally ejaculates a pre-cooked waffle. It is said to be extremely painful and in extremely rare cases, the waffle is followed by maple syrup and in one recorded instance, a small amount of butter.
1-"I had a wafflegasm last night"
2-"Did it hurt?"
1-"Yeah, im seeing my doctor tommarow."
2-"Has that ever happened to you before?"
1-"Once. I cried.*sniffle*"
by QazRant January 13, 2011
The announcement of one's orgasm via masturbation.
"I will be ejaculating at the beep. beep."
by The Global Man December 04, 2004
cums from jamaica, - wen u have an orgasm by eatin too many waffles
ooooh ooh ooh waffles, oooh, more!
by aaron February 16, 2005