Are you kidding me? You don't know what a waffle is? It's not some slang, it's a fucking waffle. You're still reading this aren't you? You dumb fuck, it's a waffle. That's all.
"I'm hungry, I sure could go for a waffle."
by Nathan the Great March 09, 2006
A nice guy. (one day we were at dennys and realized that you always think about buying waffles, but then you always end up getting the french toast or something. It's not that there's anything wrong with a waffle, its just that the french toast is so damn tempting. So its the same for nice guys, it would make sense to go for one, but we never do. I mean, sure you'll leggo an eggo at home when nobodies looking, but yeah...)
Girl 1: Hey, why don't you go for Steve, he's so nice.
Girl 2: Ugh, yeah right, he's such a waffle.
by Pamela February 03, 2004
bastardization of the internet acronym of Rolling on Floor Laugh - rofl
WAFFLE! He got hit in the groin!
by FISH SEX November 11, 2003
We All Fell Flat Laughing Everywhere
by king waffleflopper October 10, 2003
the same as waterfall; smoking device where you burn a hole in the bottom of a bottle and sit it in a larger jug of water. You place the bowl in the top of the bottle and as you pull the bottle out of the water, it fills with smoke, which you then inhale upon removing the bowl. Waffle is a variation of the term water fall, because saying waterfall quickly or with an accent can cause it to sound like waffle
hey man, let's hit some waffles before class
wow man, I'm totally ripped from those waffles
oh crap, i forgot the waffle kit in my car
by anonyme May 14, 2008
a n00b after being pwned.
i ate that waffle with some n00bsauce
by Hawk666 February 16, 2007
1. (noun, also verb) A fart that hits the back of your testicles, tickling them on impact.

That was a crazy waffle I got in driver's ed.

An astronaut waffled in outer space and could still smell it.

by Farnagey UnButtons October 21, 2006

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